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NEW YORK,USA: Mobile tech start-up Likestyle has announced they are auditioning historical towns to become the first to showcase interactive mobile rewards at landmarks and monuments.


The New York based company is offering to integrate their tags, special QR code labels, linking smartphones to physical spots throughout a historical town in the U.S. The goal is to offer visitors seeking a taste of history a more rewarding experience.

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"Our platform lets us connect peoples' interests to rewards whenever they scan a tag with their phone. We can offer visitors of all ages an interactive experience based in the history of that spot but in a way that speaks to them personally," explains co-founder Brad Thorne.


Likestyle will enable tourism boards to create rewards that offer media rewards including segments of popular books surrounding the history of that area and deliver them to the user instantly. 

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Rewards can be designed to offer free admission to museums, exhibits and tours for those that scan multiple tags on their visit.


"We wanted to make learning about our nation's history fun and exciting for adults and teens together. Our platform learns about the user so we can deliver the right reward that fits their age and interests every time. People in the same family may each receive a different reward based on what they appreciate," says co-founder Jerry Broughton.

Smartphone technology is rapidly developing location aware opportunities. With companies like Google announcing Android-based devices selling over 200,000 a day, the opportunities are ever expanding.