Mobeam announces contest to win $250 Best Buy gift card

Soma Tah
New Update

PALO ALTO, USa: Mobeam announced the launch of the Share & Win contest for its Beep'nGo mobile application -just in time for the holidays. Earlier this year, Mobeam unveiled Beep'nGo exclusively on the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy S4 that allows you to keep all of your loyalty, gift and membership cards right on your smartphone.


To participate in the Share & Win contest, once a customer has downloaded Beep'nGo, they just need to use the "Share Beep'nGo" button under Preferences or just click on the Share icon on the home screen. Mobeam will keep track of how many of your friends, family, and neighbors have downloaded Beep'nGo and a running tally on its Facebook page for contestants to see how they stack up.

Mobeam will announce a new winner each month and drop a $250 Best Buy gift card straight into a lucky customer's Beep'nGo app! Contestants can share the contest via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS! The contest is open to shoppers in the United States. Click here to read the full contest details.

"The holiday season is a time for giving back, and Mobeam is excited to let shoppers treat themselves to their own holiday present," said Mobeam president and CEO, Kang M. Lee. "By downloading Beep'nGo and sharing it with your friends, it's never been easier to win a little bit extra holiday cash. But, the contest doesn't end after the lights come down and the tree gets thrown out. We are happy to announce that the Share & Win contest will continue into 2014. There will be a new winner announced each month."

Mobeam's beaming technology, embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, solves the key problem that has limited the progress of mobile commerce: widely deployed retail laser scanners are unable to scan a barcode presented on a smartphone screen. Mobeam overcomes this obstacle without requiring retailers to invest in new point-of-sale hardware or system upgrades. The Beep'nGo application unleashes the power of Mobeam technology that is integrated in the newest Samsung devices.

For Beep'nGo, consumers simply download the application to their Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note III. To use the application, they just select a loyalty, gift or membership card to redeem, push the "beam" button and point the smartphone screen to send the card's barcode to any of the millions of laser scanners in use today. Earlier this year, Samsung said retailers prefer barcodes because they do not have to install any new infrastructure.