Microsoft Xbox One X: Everything you need to know

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Microsoft Xbox One X

Video game consoles have become a popular source of entertainment for the kids and adults alike. They have come a long way from the old 8-bit 2D graphics of the past to the latest 4K models. Gaming consoles today consist of the most sophisticated and advanced hardware to create highly detailed virtual worlds.


One such gaming console that is expected to dominate the gaming world for a very long time to come is already here. Microsoft's Xbox One X which was seen as a competition to Sony's PS 4 Pro is now launched in a select few markets. Though the company has not decided on the price of Xbox One X or its release date for India as yet, here's everything you need to know about the Xbox One X in this five-pointer guide-

1. The Xbox One X is the world's most powerful gaming console packed with the cutting edge hardware required for 4K gaming. The console runs on an eight-core processor with a 2.3Ghz clock speed, a proprietary graphics processor with a 6 Teraflop processing capability, and has 12GB of DDR5 RAM in it.

2. The Xbox One X comes with 1TB of storage out of which only 780GB is usable while the rest of it is dedicated to Xbox One X operating system. You can add up to three external drives to the Xbox One X thanks to its three USB ports. Between a 2TB external drive and the Xbox One X's internal drive, you can easily store some 50 games.


3. Microsoft has ditched the capacitive power button in the Xbox One X and gone with a more authentic feeling physical switch, with a single USB port and controller pairing button located below. You can connect the console to any HDMI enabled television. With 4K, the video game characters on the console appear more lifelike. The 4K content is bolstered by the console's support for HDR, which provide a wider band of colors making video and games more vibrant.

4. The titles which can run on Xbox One X include Forza 7, Assasins Creed Origins, Gears of War 4, Shadow of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider and many others. You can find the complete list here.

5. Microsoft's Xbox One X is priced at $500. The gaming console comes with an HDMI cable for connecting it to your television, as well as one controller. The Xbox One X is totally worth the cost. If you are a casual gamer looking to get better graphics, amazing performance and steadier frame rates then this device is for you.

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