Microsoft Windows Intune for Small Business

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BANGALORE, INDIA: The proper operation of IT resources is a critical factor for the daily operation of any company. Now, Microsoft delivers a breakthrough concept in IT management that empowers even the smallest scale enterprises with world-class IT management.

Windows Intune™ enables any company to easily manage IT resources, including one-person businesses to organizations of over a hundred staff. Using the power of the Cloud, Windows Intune lets IT managers and other stakeholders view and manage company-wide IT facilities over a user-friendly Web interface. This unified portal centralizes all IT-related tasks, including installing and upgrading software, handling viruses and other malware, responding to end-user queries and requests, and managing organization-wide computers and IT devices regardless of their physical location. Windows Intune even manages Windows® 7 Professional licenses.


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Key Benefits

For organizations of 25 staff or below


    Manage enterprise computers any time, anywhere over the Internet

    A single, simple Intune interface lets administrators view and maintain all computers and IT devices

    Intune automatically detects viruses and malware, clearly displaying affected computers

    End-users can submit messages requesting assistance, and administrators can directly contact users and monitor their computers, saving effort and travel time

 For organizations over 25 staff

    Via a single, simple interface, Window Intuneâ„¢ enables organizations to manage enterprise IT resources (including Virtual Machines) any time, anywhere, regardless of location

    Automated reports can be easily configured and generated, with easy to read details, saving administrative effort and time

    Based on configurable IT policies and categories, Intune can update, view, repair and install software across the whole organization, improving work effectiveness and reducing human errors

    Remote Assistance function empowers IT administrators to handle computers in distant locations or on the road, including controlling and adjusting system settings, to reduce IT maintenance expenses and costly downtime