Microsoft launches fun camera app, Sprinkles with AI prowess

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CIOL Microsoft launches Sprinkles app filled with AI prowess

If you are bored with the same old Snapchat filters (considering the same filters are now available on Facebook and Instagram), then Microsoft brings you a new fun 'camera' app, Sprinkles, powered by machine learning.


Though Microsoft's Sprinkles, available only for iPhone users as of now, is offering more or less same features as others, the app boasts its A.I. capabilities can detect faces, determine the photo subject’s age and emotion, figure out celebrity look-a-like, and suggest (witty) captions and more. The AI factor in photo-editing experience is expected to give a slight advantage to Sprinkles over Snapchat and Instagram.

CIOL Microsoft launches Sprinkles app filled with AI prowess

Once you click the picture, Sprinkles will offer you a few suggestions based on what it sees in the image. For selfies, it'll offer you up some automatic "photo booth" style props using face detection.


Apart from the content of the picture, the app also provides caption and sticker suggestions based on user's location or the day of the week. The app can also tell when a subject is frowning, and automatically input a relevant caption, like "turn that frown upside down."

And of course, users can share the photo on other social media platforms.

Microsoft's latest app looks quite similar to Apple's recently announced "Clips," which is expected to go live later this month. Clips isn't a social network itself but allow users to create images and videos and share them elsewhere on Facebook, Twitter, text, or email.

Last year also, Microsoft launched apps specifically tailored for iOS devices like Microsoft Pix. In November, the company even debuted its classic Solitaire game for PCs as a standalone iOS and Android app that included Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks.

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