Microsoft introduces new privacy tool tells what Windows 10 data is sent to Microsoft

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Microsoft has introduced a new app called Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer that will provide an in-depth information of the data being sent to Microsoft.


“To kick off the new year ahead of ‘Data Privacy Day’ we are giving our Windows Insiders an early preview of the ‘Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer’ coming in our next release of Windows,” said Marisa Rogers, WDG Privacy Officer, Microsoft wrote in the company’s blog post.

Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer launched

Rogers added, "Our commitment is to be fully transparent on the diagnostic data collected from your Windows devices, how it is used, and to provide you with increased control over that data."

The Diagnostic Data Viewer(codenamed Redstone 4) provides users with features such as view, search and filter diagnostic data. The diagnostic data presented in the menu includes, OS name, version, device ID, device class, diagnostic level selection, device properties, preferences and settings, peripherals, device network information, device health, performance and reliability data, movie consumption functionality, installed applications, install history, and more. The Viewer is separate from the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard.

The viewer will be available to Windows Insiders first, and Microsoft is promising to include it in the next major update to Windows 10. Microsoft is also updating its online privacy dashboard to provide a clearer activity history page, and the ability in the future to export and delete data, or view and manage media consumption data.

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