Microsoft fixes Internet Explorer flaw

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CALIFRONIA, USA: Software giant Microsoft Corp announced that it has issued a security patch to fix a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer browser.


The problem was related to a “zero day” flaw, that let hackers take over victims' computers by steering them to infected website, and gain access to online banking passwords and e-shopping logon details.

The flaw had reportedly affected two million Windows users and infected nearly 10,000 websites.

Microsoft said the update has closed the loophole. If you are using Windows Vista you can manage your updates through the control panel.


To update can be manually download from Microsoft Update. In Windows Vista, it can be downloaded from the control panel.

“After your computer has been scanned to see which updates it needs, click the Custom button to find and choose the update you want to install. We recommend you install all High-Priority Security and Critical updates immediately,” said a Microsoft statement.

Microsoft said when the computer is on and connected to the Internet, the most current security updates are automatically downloaded and installed.