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Sameer: "Hey, can you give me that MP3 file?"


Ajay: "Just look at this pic of me in a dhoti."

Marina: "How’s the video like? Can you send me something from your


Three different requests from three friends of mine, while Sameer is 40

kilometres away in Noida, Ajay is in Bangalore. Marina in the US, but thanks to

instant messengers, we’re sharing pictures, songs and comments as if we were

in the same room. Smart, isn’t it?


It used to be about chatting on the Net. Now it’s a full-fledged multimedia

experience. On PCs, mobile phones, even pagers. Messaging is changing the way

you’ll interact with friends and the rest of the world. Read on to get the max

out of the hottest communication tool around!

Squeeze the juice out of the big four


In March this year, roughly 30 million people logged on to chat on MSN and

AIM messengers, 20 million ICQ-ed and 14 million said hello to pals on Yahoo.

These instant messengers are the big daddies of the messaging world. And you can

do much more than chat on them:

Zap files across, double quick

E-mail was supposed to dramatically cut down the time it took to get
documents across. But, as anyone who has moaned for an e-mail that was ‘sent

hours ago’ will testify, it doesn’t quite work out like that. So, why bother

with these no so hot mails? Exchange your MP3 songs, images, documents, and

Excel sheets, even whole programs on a messenger instead. It’s as simple as

attaching a document to your e-mail.

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