As MeitY celebrates 5 Years of Digital India, here is what StartUp leaders have to say

On MeitY celebrating 5 years of Digital India, here are some comments from startup leaders and what they think about Digital India.

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Ravi Shankar Prasad is the Union Minister, Law and Justice, Electronics and IT, and Communications. He conducted a webinar today, named, Electronics Niketan where he said that India has seen strong economic growth and due to the Digital India Movement. He further added that India has seen a rise in digital entrepreneurship too.


The webinar also talked about startups as the innovation milestone in Digital India. So, on this occasion, here are some comments from startup leaders and what they think about Digital India:

1. Ankit Chaudhari, CEO & Founder, Aiisma said:

"Largest, young population of the world. The count of youngsters we have surpasses the entire population of some of the largest developed economies. The digital India push has driven them to adopt technology faster & we have reached where we adopting technology can shift the global balance in that domain. Only see this going in a positive direction if an equal push stays on made & make in India."

2. Atul Todi, CEO & Founder of 10Times said:

"A democracy is incomplete without the participation of the masses. Digital India has grown in reach and coverage in the last 5 years. From north to south, from the hills to the plains, we are connecting in both voice and spirit."

3. Anita Kukreja, Head – Marketing & Channel Sales at IceWarp India said:

"The last few years have seen Digital Technologies which include growth of Cloud Computing, SaaS-based applications, Mobile Applications that have emerged as catalysts for rapid economic growth and citizen empowerment across the globe. The need of Digital technologies has never been so important especially in the current pandemic situation where each one of us is adapting to using this in our everyday lives from digital payments, e-commerce use for daily essentials to virtual events, and online meetings. Digital has become our way of life by additionally maintaining social distancing."

4. Mr Satish Pala, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, Indium Software.

“After 5 years of the Digital India programme, India can be proud of the progress made in terms of people going digital. Adoption of digital wallets has increased cash flow and digitizing of records has increased accessibility tremendously. With IT being a key force in this digital India programme, it is very evident that Indian IT companies are having more opportunities within the country and lesser dependence on the West!”

5. Rohan Vaidya, Regional Director - India, CyberArk said:

“Digital India has laid down a solid foundation for technological advancements and innovations in India over the last 5 years. Accelerated with the on-going pandemic, almost everything has now become digital, which of course comes with its challenges. Cybersecurity plays an ever-increasing critical role as the country is making a paradigm shift towards a cashless society and digitisation. Data breach and protection continues to be a significant component to continue this transition to a truly digitised way of life.”

6. Khushboo Solanki Sharma Founder, Zero Gravity Communications said:

"Digital India initiative has provided directed and focused efforts in making technology reach to the farthest corner of the country. Earlier the development was for the limited society and socio-economic sector. But in 5 years we have seen extensive use of technology in every economic bracket and class. That has widened India as a market. There are many utility services provided via government like digit locker, e-marketplace, or the timely launch of the Aarogyasetu app."

She further added, "Though we believe a lot more work needs to be done to make, all these initiatives reach out to people. Design them better and market it in a friendlier way. For now, we are happy about the start."

7. Mr Bharath Bhushan, EVP, ONGO Framework said:

"The true democratization of technology started with the JAM initiative. The Jan Dhan, Aadhar and Mobile/ Telecom revolution."

Talking about this program, he said, "this program has enabled crores of Indians to have a Bank account. Through Aadhar authentication, they can be digitally connected to all the programs launched by the Government. From a Telecom perspective, India has perhaps the cheapest voice and data charges in the world. Backed by affordable smartphones, anyone and everyone has access to information, in real-time. Millions of Indians will further benefit in days to come through the inclusivity and upliftment created by JAM."

He also said, "JAM has made India more connected and better integrated, thereby making India much stronger."

8. Narendra Singh Dahiya, Founder and Director, Homefoodi, said:

"India is one of the fastest digitized nations globally with both the Public and Private sector embracing this transformation and Homefoodi takes pride in the same. Digital India has not just accelerated economic growth and empowered the society, it has made the Government and our Nation more efficient. The pace of transformation has helped in creating new livelihoods, services and wealth for millions of Indians."

9. Anjani Kommisetti, Country Manager, Raritan Inc, a brand of Le grand, said:

“Digital India has had a positive impact on this industry, especially from the data centre perspective. With more users joining the internet population and relative ease of digital transaction because of UPI, data had increased manifold. This surge in data has forced data centres to make larger IT investments and expand their infrastructures – we even saw data centres coming up in tier 2 & 3 cities as well. This has further empowered a common man, as ease of transaction has helped improve life for many people.”

10. Mr Arvind Singhatiya, Founder and CEO LegalKart said:

"Digital India is the revolution driving entrepreneurship in India. Start-ups are driven by technology and changed the way we live our lives today by removing the barriers of geographical boundaries and enabling data-driven decision making. The revolutionary initiative also accomplished the objectives of promoting an informed & connected society, providing a level playing field for all kinds of business opportunities, employment generation across the sectors & creating a global connect for Indian entrepreneurs. Digital India is creating new paradigms for Indian society and businesses."

Today, India is taking onto the world in terms of technology, thanks to the Digital India Movement.