Meet Arya, world’s first 'Chai' making robot

Riddhi Sharma
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Chai making robot

If you are a tea lover, you know making the perfect cup of tea is not everybody's cup of tea. There can not be any compromise on taste or quality. But, often we as humans err and not every cup of tea tastes exactly the last one.


But, what if there is a scientific solution that makes every cup of tea, the perfect cup of tea.  We bring you, Arya, world’s first 'Chai' making robot. Now, having a cup of tea is as easy as saying, “Hi Arya! Make me my favourite cup of tea.” And your tea is made with your precise flavour as Arya is programmed to remember your perfect tea recipe.

Akash Takyar, the co-founder of HiArya says, "My mom makes a very good cup of tea. I and my dad always wanted to have the same flavour every time and anywhere. However, it is not possible for human or any machine to make the chai exactly how you like. So we built Arya." Akash has prior experience of building over 100 enterprise platforms.


Arya, the personal tea making robot was launched at the IoT India 2018 expo. It is the world’s first tea making robot that uses fresh ingredients to make your custom tea. What you need to do is simple, just feed your recipe online from your phone or a computer at It actually lets you get creative with the many flavours of tea by modifying your recipe from your phone.

Chai Recipe

Arya can easily make tea with our favourite and familiar ingredients like adarak (ginger), elaichi (cardamom), saunf (fennel), dalchini (cinnamon), chai masala, long (cloves), kahwa, milk, sugar and water. We need to just choose the exact amount of ingredients we prefer, and leave the rest to the robotic genius.


Akash further adds, "We are working on a model which will have auto clean and dispense the Chai directly into a cup. With computer vision embedded, we will recognize the user standing in the front and suggest the recipe that the user like. Integrating Hindi languages is also on our roadmap."

The startup HiArya promises its robot makes the perfect cup of tea just like “Ghar Wali Chai" every time. They have already taken on the brewed beverage technology space and integrated it with Google Assistant, video streaming and natural language processing. Arya has been built on a propriety KernelCloud technology which will allow the robot to update new skills.

When asked if robots can take over human space, Akash thinks, "Robots are getting intelligent and with AI and machine learning we could see them doing more and more tasks for us. I don’t think robots can take over humans unless they are intended to do so."

This next-generation smart home product, with Google Assistant integration, is enabled with 1000s of skills for home automation. Well, you can at least think of one task that humans can take a break from.

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