McAfee enables file reputation view

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BANGALORE, INDIA: The latest release of McAfee Application Control has been integrated with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to show the file reputation of every file in the enterprise.


According to McAfee this new feature coupled with whitelisting and memory protection makes it an ideal solution for blocking advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks. The solution is centrally managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software and uses a dynamic trust model which reduces costs by eliminating expensive manual support requirements.

The release added that the McAfee Application Control is a 'powerful' solution for corporate desktops with the introduction of a set of desktop-specific features including friendly end user notifications and approval requests. 

"As enterprises face an avalanche of unknown software from the web, McAfee Application Control provides the essential layer of defense for protecting enterprises from advanced unknown threats,” said Martin Ward, senior director of endpoint solutions at McAfee.  “McAfee is now extending this protection which has been available on servers and fixed function devices to corporate desktops in a solution which is scalable to the largest enterprises.”