Matrix introduces digital key telephone system

CIOL Bureau
New Update

Rahul Gupta

MUMBAI: Keeping in mind the diverse, complex and integrated communication needs of organizations, Baroda-based Matrix Telecom has launched ‘Eternity’, an indigenously designed digital key telephone system. Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director, Matrix said, "It is an advanced key telephone system comprising futuristic and user-friendly range of intelligent features. Its high-end capabilities provide reliable communication setup that enhances a competitive edge in management of successful business."

Eternity provides integrated solution to organization’s communication needs. Designed in the high-end PCM-TDM technology, the system has a capacity up to 212 user ports in single system with flexible configuration and card options that can be customized as per user’s need.

The operator console has been developed by Matrix and is available through a nationwide network of 250 Matrix authorized dealers, who are trained by Matrix. The product comes with a one-year warranty. The company claims that this is the first system that has been indigenously developed by an Indian company. The cost of the system is Rs 6,000. A user has to pay Rs 2,000 per port if an extra port will be added.

The company is targeting small and mid-size industries prominent among them are corporate offices and hospitality industry. It is expecting to sell 20,000 lines in first year. The company generated revenue of Rs 12 crore last year and is expecting around Rs 18 crore this year. Matrix Telecom deals in PBX market with 20 percent market share in small and mid-size market with over 7,80,000 line units installations in India.