Make your health a priority in the new year

New Update

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: New Year's resolutions overwhelmingly tend to be some sort of vow to become healthier. Losing weight is perennially a top contender closely followed by the pledge to get fit and to eat more healthily. HAPIfork to the rescue!


HAPIfork distributed by HAPILABS is a Bluetooth-enabled smart fork that helps modify eating behavior, making people aware of eating at the right time and speed, leading to an overall healthier well-being. The first of its kind self-tracking device with bundled software is currently available through Brookstone.

The high-tech eating utensil measures the number of times the fork is placed in a persons mouth per minute, the intervals between fork servings and how long it takes to finish a meal. When eating too fast, HAPIfork gently vibrates and flashes indicator lights to encourage slowing down. The data collected during a meal can then be uploaded to a smartphone or other device to track progress; helping to keep resolutions all year!

Eating too fast can lead to weight gain - HAPIfork aims to help people eat more slowly, adopt good eating habits, manage weight and feel great. HAPIfork features the HAPI wellness dashboard, a cross-device platform that monitors daily activities (physical fitness, meals, relaxation, sleep) making the experience of changing undesirable habits actionable and fun.