MAIT establishes action group for Digital India

MAIT has launched the Digital India Action Group (DIAG) to provide ideas for enriching & accelerating the rollout of Digital India Programme.

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BANGALORE, INDIA: MAIT has launched the Digital India Action Group (DIAG) to provide ideas for enriching and accelerating the roll-out of the Digital India Programme.


Drawing its members from major ICT companies as well as from the Government, DIAG will strive to ensure the success of the Digital India Programme by providing strategic inputs to various committees and teams that would be constituted under the aegis of the PMO, DeitY and other Government Departments and Ministries.

Debjani Ghosh, Vice President, MAIT said, “Technology has the potential to connect the whole of India and benefit each & every citizen. Digital India should enable the percolation of technology to the people and each citizen should be able to access government services with ease.”

Participating in the opening discussions, Ajai Chowdhry, Founder, HCL said, “Digital India is a very ambitious program as for the first time we are trying to look at a bigger picture or beyond the traditional scope of a typical e-Governance program. He said that now the focus should be to deeply analyze each & every piece of this paradigm and make it work in perfect harmony.”

DIAG would be led by an Envisioning Team (having representation from political leadership, senior levels of the Government, and eminent personalities from the media, academia, science and technology and there would be three dedicated workgroups which would work on the agendas related to digital infrastructure, digital governance and digital empowerment.

As an operating protocol, DIAG will have 2-month agendas and after every two months, it would submit its recommendations & ideas to the Government for its consideration and appropriate inclusion in the Digital India Programme. To start with, DIAG shall focus on e-Governance, e-Kranti, Broadband Highways and electronics manufacturing.

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