Lyft acqui-hires live streaming company Kamcord

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Ride-hailing firm Lyft has brought on-board 12-member team from the live streaming company Kamcord to build out its transportation service. Lyft has basically acqui-hired Kamcord's engineering talent and not any of the live streaming app's technologies. Kamcord announced this news via a Medium blog post.


“I’ll be working on the Driver Product and am focused on creating experiences that will fit in better with our drivers’ lives and will allow them to be very successful on the Lyft network,” said Aditya Rathnam, co-founder, Kamcord. He further said, “My co-founder Kevin is an engineering manager for the passenger app, focusing on the core experience from app open to successful pick-up.”

Kamcord raised $10 million in Series C funding just last year, with a total of over $35 million raised since its founding in 2012. Lyft and Kamcord did not disclose the terms of the deal.

Kamcord’s engineering, design, and marketing teams will join Lyft, Rathnam told VentureBeat.

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