LTTS unveils Factory D.0 – its one-stop solution for factories of the future

Factories of the future: L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is unveiling Factory D.0 – its latest set of offerings for Industry 4.0 for smart factory solutions

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L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is unveiling Factory D.0 – its latest set of offerings for Industry 4.0 that address the fundamental problems with the smart factory solutions of today.


As quoted by a senior analyst at HFS, “LTTS has developed a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies & platforms, to help clients accelerate implementations and realize the benefits of Industry 4.0.” The major challenge, as LTTS sees it, is in the identification of the right use-cases to ‘digitalize’. Technology is often implemented just for the sake of it – resulting in mediocre ROI.

Here is a brief on some of the exciting Factory D.0 solutions that, in LTTS’ experience, have resulted in massive benefits for manufacturers across the globe.

Wireless Material Tracking


- Very often, manufacturers limit connectivity to within their plants. However, connectivity doesn’t stop there. Data and insights from the entire supply chain are essential for the smooth functioning of a digital factory. The LTTS Wireless Material Tracking solution has helped manufacturers ramp up their productivity by 30% and parts availability by 40% - resulting in annual savings of $100,000.

Machine Vision Based Quality Inspection

- LTTS has successfully implemented a 3D machine vision system to automate quality inspection – leading to a 20% reduction in reject rates. This solution helps address a common problem faced by manual inspections, which are highly erroneous and time-consuming. The issue here is that when the error is identified way down the value chain (which is generally the case), it results in massive amounts of inefficiencies and requires rework.


Digital Twin

- Building a digital twin for a plant can be extremely complex. The quickest way to get optimization benefits is by understanding what to digitalize and what not to. Our digital twin simulations have helped plants with CAPEX estimations, quick root-cause analysis, and massive efficiencies through effective robot and worker utilization.

As a case in point, LTTS’ digital twin deployment for a global automotive manufacturer has facilitated savings of over $1 Million per plant – with a 40% cut down in inventory and 13% improvement in OEE.


Energy Optimization using WAGES

- Energy is the #1 variable expense for factories. Our experience shows that energy management in large plants is extremely inefficient. Using an integrated approach toward WAGES (Water-Air-Gas-Electricity-Steam), we have helped manufacturers cut 20% of their facility costs.

Collaborative Robotics


- When operators get too close to machines with safeguarding devices, the robots shut down. This often causes a ripple effect wherein all robotic machines in that assembly line stop functioning.

LTTS’ collaborative robotics solution with safeguarding movement helps address this problem by avoiding shutdowns altogether, without compromising on workers’ safety. We have facilitated savings of over $1 Million in plants using this solution.

3D Modeling


- LTTS is helping manufacturers build comprehensive 3D models of their plants.

We are integrating these 3D models with VR technologies to give plant managers a virtual walkthrough of the entire plant. Equipped with this, plant managers can optimize workflows, improve OEE, and unlock massive new efficiency.

LTTS is demonstrating these solutions at Booth 28 of the ARC Orlando Forum at Renaissance Sea World.

In addition to the innovations mentioned above, L&T Technology Services is working closely with some of the biggest names in manufacturing to unearth new use-cases and unlock exciting business value.