Low storage, poor network may mar Aakash uptake

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BANGALORE, INDIA: While on one hand the Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has a lot of faith on the $35-wonder-computer, Aakash, and in its ability to enhance the quality of learning of children in the country, there are reasons galore to believe that Aakash's uptake will not be as high as expected.


The front runners in bogging down this device can be the nation's poor WiFi connectivity and the fact that the device is not so friendly with videos and large files, when it comes to storing them.

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Though Aakash tablet has 2 GB of internal memory, a USB port to support external memory device and moreover, its memory can be expanded to 32 GB, it could mean shelling a few extra thousands on MicroSD card. And this for sure is not going to go down smoothly with the price conscious Indian customers, who are looking forward to pocket a tablet for Rs 2,500.


Moreover, the tablet, which comes with a Wi-Fi option, may not function as good as it is expected to, especially in rural areas, thanks to the poor network connectivity in the country.

The minister who aims it especially for the rural India, misses the fact that not many in the hinterland are used to an Android mobile device, let alone navigate on an Android tablet.

There are also reports that vouch for the fact that though the tablet is supposedly to cost Rs 2,500, the cost may go up by approximately Rs 2,000 because you may need additional accessories such as MicroSD card, to upgrade storage, earphones, as the device does not have any external speakers and last but not least not to forget the shipping charges.

These aside, there are also other lacking on the hardware and software fronts.

Maybe the Indian Government and the makers of this tablet are on the sidelines of upgrading the device, however, for the time being these facts are going to be its main impediments in its acceptance and success in the country.