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New Update

MUMBAI, INDIA: BigRock, one of India's leading domain registrars and web hosting companies announced that it has begun offering new top level domain extensions such as .bike, .guru, .ventures amongst several others under the aegis of ICANN's new gTLD program. Indian consumers can now visit the BigRock website and purchase or pre-order a domain name of their choice in minutes.


Domain names, the cornerstone of web addresses, are overseen by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Historically, the Internet has used just 22 gTLDs to register all of the sites it contains, with .com leading the pack (at more than 110 million registered domains).

In June 2011, ICANN mandated that 100s of new domain name extensions will be made available to the public as part of their new GTLD program. After a comprehensive application and review process, new domain extensions are now starting to roll out in 2014. BigRock has forged agreements with several registry partners like Donuts Inc, Famousfour, Demand Media and several others to enable it to roll out 650-700 new domain extensions over the next year or so.

These new gTLDs will ultimately sit alongside existing popular extensions such as a .com, .net, & .org but the Indian customer will now have the opportunity to register potentially more memorable and category specific domain names. For example, companies specializing in services of imaging technologies or photographic products may consider purchasing a .tech or .photography domain name.


Alternatively .photography may become the "home" for all businesses dealing in cameras or turn into an online community for passionate photographers.

"BigRock is gearing up to offer best of breed solutions to Indian businesses by facilitating a more inclusive Internet landscape. Indian businesses had missed the internet boom of the early 1990s with much of the desirable internet real estate being snapped up", said Shashank Mehrotra, General Manager & Business Head, BigRock.

"A total of seven generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are now live and there are hundreds more in the year to come. Hundreds of new gTLDs means hundreds of times as many available domain names. BigRock has ambitious goals and is committed to leverage this opportunity to develop the Indian gTLD marketplace. We will be at the forefront offering easy and affordable domain names to our customers."

Customers desirous of obtaining a new gTLD simply have to log on to the BigRock website to submit an ‘expression of interest' and pre-order the GTLD of their choice. As of February 5, 2014, seven new TLDs have been introduced that are open to the general public.