Lotte to set up communication facility

CIOL Bureau
New Update

Chennai-based Lotte India Corporation Ltd (formerly Parry Confectionary Ltd), which has been using EID Parry's communication links, would soon de-link itself to set up their own communication links such as V-Sat and VPN solutions.


The group's principal activity is to manufacture and market sugar boiled confectionery in India. Lotte India is planning to invest around Rs 50 lakh for establishing its new communication facilities, connecting its head office, factory and zonal offices.

Lotte India systems senior manager Chandrasekaran R said, “Lotte India had been sharing the communication facilities of EID Parry so far. By the end of June 2005, we would de-link with EID Parry and set up new communication links, which would connect the head office, factory and the zonal offices.”

“Our new communication infrastructure would include V-Sat, which would connect mainly the factory and head office; VPN solutions connecting four zonal offices with BSNL at 64 kbps speed, broadband Internet connectivity, etc. by the end of June 2005,” he added.

Lotte had invested around Rs one crore last year, as part of its IT spend and the major investment was on the ERP implementation of Ramco's 'e.Applications'. “We plan to expand our manufacturing base soon, and would be implementing other IT applications like SCM, CRM, along with the expansion process,” he added.