London Cabinet office trying to save taxpayers' money

New Update

LONDON: Government Procurement Service, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, has appointed BravoSolution, the spend analysis and strategic sourcing company, to detect and recover duplicate and inaccurate payments made to suppliers as a part of a new framework agreement that supports the Government's aim to deliver significant, sustainable savings for the taxpayer.


Cost reduction and savings remains a primary focus across the entire UK public sector. "Analysis by Cabinet Office shows that if all government departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies undertake these audits we will be able to recover £100 million" said Francis Maude, Minister of the Cabinet Office in February 2012. "So by December 2013 everyone will have to do this. It's low risk with high potential rewards."

As a part of a separate process, the Department for Transport and Home Office have already identified £4.5 million in duplicate and erroneous payments, added the announcement.

Spend recovery audits start with a detailed analysis of potentially millions of line items for each individual organisation. BravoSolution, in conjunction with specialist partner Twice2much, says it applies a blend of tried and tested technologies and methodologies to rapidly uncover recovery opportunities, often within a few weeks of initiation. BravoSolution consultants will then work with every flagged supplier to recover the identified funds.

BravoSolution won a separate contract with Government Procurement Service in 2011 to analyse spend across more than 100 public sector organisations and departments, including the Department of Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice and the wider public sector. This successful programme is the largest known of its kind within any government, supporting Government Procurement Service in identifying and delivering £426 million in cost savings for government organisations.

"Our team has a unique understanding of the challenges that hinder ongoing spend visibility and contract compliance" said Richard Hogg, General Manager of BravoSolution UK and Ireland.