Logitech brings Bluetooth adaptor to turn speakers into wireless sound system

Soma Tah
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: Logitech today unveiled its new Bluetooth Audio Adaptor that lets you turn your wired speakers into a wireless sound system for your smartphones and tablets. It features a multipoint Bluetooth connectivity that enables one touch pairing for up to two devices.


Connecting to two devices simultaneously, this multipoint Bluetooth adaptor lets you stream audio with just a push of a button. If the speakers are out of range, the adaptor automatically re-pairs to other nearby devices so that your music experience doesn't get hindered at all.

The adaptor is attached to your speakers using a standard analog RCA or 3.5 mm cable helping you to control your speakers with a reliable direct line-of-sight connection from up to 50 feet. Delivering uncompromised entertainment with the highest quality acoustics, the Logitech Bluetooth Adaptor is tuned at Logitech's state-of-the art audio labs, so no matter where the audio streams from, you'll never have to compromise on sound.

The Bluetooth Adaptor is available a retail price of INR 1,995.