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OAK PARK, CA., USA: Did you know that dry cleaners in the United Kingdom find 9,000 USB memory sticks a year  left behind in pockets by financial workers?


Hide the incriminating photos taken at the slumber party - and the video you want to keep private, the divorce settlement, credit card numbers, secret diary, and passwords to a zillion websites. Lock up the business plan that will make you rich no matter how bad the economy gets. Protect your resume and job search from prying eyes.

And, don't sell that MP3 player to a thrift shop without first scrambling the troop deployments, personnel files, military secrets and Social Security numbers stored in memory.

PC Dynamics today introduced SafeHouse Explorer, a software that locks and makes invisible documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and other sensitive and private data stored on hard drives, memory sticks and thumb drives, network servers, CDs and DVDs, even iPod and MP3 players.


SafeHouse Explorer is free, available via download from -- along with video tutorials that show how easy it is to use SafeHouse Explorer to guard private files from intruders and human error.

Peter Avritch, president, PC Dynamics, said: "Memory sticks vanish, like the socks you can never find. Thumb drives are fashion accessories now. Old cellphones loaded with contacts, messages and photos get recycled or handed down to friends and family. Hackers steal personnel and retirement records. Users leave laptops behind in taxis. We sell used computers at garage sales - and the hard drives are not wiped. We are putting our normal, personal lives at risk. That's what SafeHouse Explorer is for. It's free. What are you waiting for?"

The software creates hidden, private storage vaults up to 2 terabytes in size under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Server, 32 or 64 bits. Users may create any number of vaults, and each vault appears as a new disk drive letter under Windows.


The files inside each vault are invisible, protected by secret password, "using drag-and-drop commands that look like Windows Explorer with three extra buttons. It's the same encryption tools used by banks, the military and in spy movies, with none of the complexity."



SafeHouse Explorer is the newest member of the award-winning SafeHouse line of PC privacy and encryption tools, which includes SafeHouse Personal Edition, for home and individual use; and SafeHouse Professional Edition, for business and power users. All three are compatible, designed to interoperate and share protected files as users deploy different editions of SafeHouse for different uses.

"Many of us use more than one computer on a regular basis, and it's important to have a privacy solution that can follow us wherever we go. SafeHouse does just that," said Avritch.

SafeHouse Professional Edition supports numerous trusted encryption methods, such as 256-bit Twofish, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), triple DES and even the ultra-powerful 448-bit Blowfish cipher for users with extra-stringent requirements. SafeHouse Explorer and SafeHouse Personal Edition create new private vaults using 256-bit Twofish encryption.

All three products can read and write vaults created by any other SafeHouse product, "which makes exchanging private files with anyone a cinch," said Avritch. SafeHouse Explorer operates as a stand-alone executable file that does not need to be installed. This enables users to copy the 5MB EXE program to any USB thumb drive or hard drive, MP3 player, iPod, even memory sticks inside digital cameras, to provide instant password-protected access to files, even from public-access computers at schools, libraries and hotels.

"Now your files are both portable and safe," said Avritch. "With SafeHouse Explorer, you'll be able to access your protected files from anywhere, any time, from any computer - just click."