How live streaming is Modifying Social Media for Business

Live streaming platforms lends you a great opportunity to open up interaction between you and your potential consumers and make your brand stand out

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Social media marketing has emerged as an indomitable challenger to traditional mediums of marketing on a global level and India is at the forefront of tapping the impact of this disruption. Indian companies are leveraging the potential of Digital tools and platforms to share their message across the target audience. The most common form of marketing is SEO and SMO on Google, Facebook and their allied platforms.


Making content viral has become the benchmark for success on these platforms and YouTuber's reviews of products or services have turned into a reference point for potential purchasers before settling on a choice.

Though, various studies are indicating the trend that traditional digital platforms are facing incumbency as they deliver a non-interactive mode for the audience to consume content. The contemporary generation is found to be seeking more dynamic mediums where they can also be involved in content creation and not just as a passive audience.

Live Video Streaming Platforms such as Facebook Live, Pariscope, Vimeo and BIGO LIVE have thus emerged as an elixir for both- the content creators and the consumers as they empower them via a platform that makes digital interaction interactive and engrossing.


Live video streaming platforms have brought forth a fresh talent pool of influencers who showcase their talents and have been able to amass their own fanbase. This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses and brands to collaborate with these emerging artistes via the platform to create exciting campaigns with out of the box ideas that enables them to reach out to their consumers in an innovative manner.

The live video platform can be integrated within main marketing campaign and can be leveraged to stimulate the interest of the masses on ground level. The live streaming is modifying social media for business in a number of ways:

Generating a bigger audience: Any marketing event usually comes with geographical and physical constraints. However, with live streaming events, businesses are able to transcend these constraints and make themselves accessible to a worldwide audience.


Encouraging online interaction: Live video streaming platforms like BIGO LIVE lends you a great opportunity to open up interaction between you and your potential consumers. Be it about your interesting content or a curious topic that you have hit, the likelihood of your prospective clients contacting you would be higher than previous. Other than the ability of connecting with their prospective consumers, brands well equipped with the live streaming platforms can also use the platform to share the latest news and trends pertaining to their industry, product launches and promotion of their products. These platforms have also been able to take closed conferences outside the conference rooms to larger audience and sharing their sales strategy as well as making new announcements.

Videos make your brand stand out from the crowd: Making your events and content stream live through live streaming platforms like BIGO LIVE could add a flavour of differentiation to your brand or business. Live streamed content, irrespective what it is, a webinar, conference, an informal chat, is not something which has become common among the organizations as yet. Any brand that is able to leverage technology of live streaming in this way is certain to be more successful that its peers.

Opens up new avenues of revenue: While you are likely to get more customers by going the route of live video streaming, it opens up a few more revenue sources for you. For instance, you could charge your attendees for attending your webinars and conferences as admission fee. While this will promote more people to attend because of no physical constraint, it will flock in more revenue to your account other than regular sales.

With so many developments happening in the world of live video streaming, the world of digital marketing is also swelling extensively, altering the dynamics of brand marketing. This mode of marketing surely holds a huge potential of reaching out to people and it is high time that we unleash the same. There can be no doubt to the fact that a few years down the lane, the world of digital marketing, especially brand marketing would be unimaginable without the option of live videos.

By Nagesh Banga, Deputy Country Manager, BIGO LIVE

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