List of 4 Must-Have Apps for your Business

Apps are not limited to consumers, businesses can also get benefits. Here’s list of top 4 must-have apps for fast-growing and ambitious business ventures.

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Here's List of 4 Must-Have Apps for Business

The wide and expansive world of mobile apps is not limited to only end consumers. In fact, while walking the tightrope of successfully running an enterprise, business owners would find solace in various cutting-edge mobile apps of today that take care of critical tasks such as team communication, enterprise security, e-commerce and more. Here’s a quick rundown of the top four must-have apps for fast-growing and ambitious business ventures.


Seqrite MobiSMART: To safeguard enterprise mobility

Seqrite MobiSMART - To safeguard enterprise mobility

The business landscape is eagerly embracing BYOD-led work culture to enhance productivity, ensure seamless interoperability, and improve employee convenience. Smartphones are a big part of this shift, but the growing proliferation of mobile devices within the enterprise ecosystem is also giving rise to multiple data security challenges.


Seqrite MobiSmart addresses this challenge by empowering businesses with the physical separation of personal user data from business data on mobile devices. It integrates with Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) policy and prohibits business users from copy/pasting, screen capturing, or syncing secure files and information within the workspace which employs defense grade encryption.

It also enforces strict single/multi-factor authentication to access enterprise data while providing a compelling work environment to BYOD end-users, with all the access and features they need to be productive.

Telebu grptalk: Providing easy-to-deploy group conferencing solutions


Businesses today employ disparately located resources, including freelancers and short-term project associates and an app like grptalk is what the enterprises need to ensure seamless communication. With a potential to connect over 10,000 people instantly through a single conference call, grptalk offers businesses a dial-out capability, removing any lags in starting a conference call that may otherwise be there due to dialling bridge numbers or feeding in PINs.

Utilizing PSTN lines, grptalk provides best-quality conference solution even in low network coverage, in addition to eliminating the need for participants to download an app or be connected to the internet. In an emerging economy like India that still battles with low network coverage, it is a perfect solution to reach out to a team located in the hinterlands and otherwise.


Dropbox: File sharing made easy

Dropbox - File sharing made easy

As one of the most popular and free-of-cost file storing and sharing service, Dropbox supports different formats of files to be shared and accessed remotely. The app can be downloaded on one’s mobile phone and ensures seamless access to important files, videos, images and more. Even when a file is deleted, Dropbox retains the same for up to 30 days, helping employees retrieve any important information on-the-go.


Slack: Team collaboration made easy

Slack - Team collaboration made easy

Ensuring that the enterprises get work done quicker and in a fun way, Slack brings team communication and collaboration under a singular umbrella. Team members can download the app on their mobile phones and use the same to organize conversations per projects or topics. It also enables employees to message or call others, share and edit documents, customize notification, and search knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives previous conversations between team members.