List of 5 Must have Apps for Women Travellers

As a woman travel, your phone can be a source of many things. Stay connected to friends and family members. Here are 5 must have apps for women travellers.

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Apps for Women

As a woman travel, your phone can be a source of many things. It can help you stay connected to friends and family members back home. Here are 5 must have apps for women to download before leaving home if you’re a woman travelling the world.



Rapido Book a ride with just two taps on your phone. Save your time rather than wasting your time rather than being stuck in traffic jams. Rapido, India’s first bike taxi app has a solution for you! Just book a bike taxi and your riding partner will drive you through the busy roads of the city.



Cleartrip Cleartrip activities encourage you to discover all that you have to know, that you can't afford to miss when you visit a particular place. Cleartrip helps in getting a lot of information about the place that you are visiting. So pack your bags and leave for a relaxing trip and let the app prepare your travel itinerary.

My Saftipin

My Saftipin Safety Map Worldwide features maps around the world that will recommend the safest routes, advise you on the best district to travel or stay in, and guide you away from high-crime areas. Sometimes when your traveling, you don’t always know exactly the best place to stay in a new city- this will solve your problems. You can document your experiences in safe (hopefully not unsafe) areas to help other travelers navigate as well!



TourlinaTourlina is a women-only app that connects fellow travelers wherever they are around the globe. Simply enter your trip and discover a travel companion with mutual interests and trip plans. Tourlina cuts straight through by connecting you with like-minded travelers, and they screen each and every new user so that your safety comes first. You can start to chat, plan your trip together and voila! You’re on the road with a new friend, possibly one you’ll have made for life.

Sit or Squat

Sit or Squat Sit or Squat, a free app that lists bathrooms worldwide! Users rate their experiences with a Sit (thumbs up) or Squat (so-so) and can even upload their photos to give other travelers a hint as to bathroom quality. Map the locations with an interactive, location-based map. You can filter by cost, handicap accessible, rating.