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GURGAON, INDIA: There is a sharp increase in the number of data recovery requests for Linux based Operating Systems, Stellar Information Systems observes.


The Linux systems which are widely believed to be ‘crash- proof‘ have become increasingly vulnerable to data loss according to company records. Linux is like any other operating system but is much cheaper and secure in terms of data protection. It has an incredibly low down time. The greatest advantage of using Linux systems is that it can be used for networking very easily. It can be used when the user needs to control his operating system completely, reports the company.

The Linux based systems rely upon Ext2 and Ext3 file system. This system stores data in the form of blocks. This is done to reduce internal fragmentation and reduce disk seeks time when reading a large amount of data. Each block group contains a super block, the inode bitmap, followed by the actual data blocks.

The super block contains important booting information. The group descriptor stores the value of the block bitmap, inode bitmap and the beginning of the inode table for every block group. Therefore any corruption of the inode table can render Linux system useless. Loss of data can seriously affect company operations and cause financial and time losses. Data loss can occur under a wide range of circumstances like virus attack, accidental disk format, file deletion, partition loss or corruption, lost or missing files and folders, employee sabotage, re-formatted or re-partitioned drive or physical damage to the storage media, opines the company.

Most of the companies recommend data recovery service for recovering data from Linux hard drive, which usually costs less. However, on the other end, Stellar provides Stellar phoenix Linux Data Recovery Software which recovers lost or deleted data from Linux hard drives at a very affordable price. The Stellar software engineers in their endeavor to solve these problems have evolved a specific data recovery tool for linux. Stellar Phoenix Linux data recovery software provides data recovery in cases of:

Partition recovery from a deleted logical partition;

Recovery from missing files and folders;

Recovery of deleted file(s) for Ext2 File system only;

Damaged Super Block or Inode List;

Recovery under sub-directories after the parent directory is deleted or missing.