LinkedIn now lets users ask for a referral from people in their network

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LinkedIn lets users ask for a referral from people in their network

LinkedIn, the professional networking company has introduced a new feature that lets users seeking jobs ask for a referral that can help them take a lead over the other candidates applying for the same job.


The new feature allows you to identify jobs at organizations where you’re already connected with someone through LinkedIn and then ask that individual to provide a referral to the person who posted the job.

LinkedIn associate product manager Bryce Lewis said in a blog post, "Referrals are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. In fact, the number 1 way that job seekers have reported first discovering a job, was through someone they knew. Not that surprising as nearly 50 percent of recruiters say referrals are the leading source of quality hires. And once you've asked for one and applied for the job, you're 4X more likely to hear back from a recruiter at that company."

To access the newly launched feature,  just go to the top of the job listing, tap the "Ask for a referral" button, and then select the person you'd like to reach out to. You can use the ask for a referral button to message the person, insisting them to refer you to any specific position.

Additionally, the company also introduced a feature where users can add text or filters. The update allows users to dress up their videos with filters designed with a professional focus. The current options include adding an “On the Air” graphic along with a “side hustle” and “work high five” filter. LinkedIn says the filter options will expand in the future.

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