LinkedIn launches Audience Network to expand its sponsored content reach

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LinkedIn launches Audience Network to expand the reach of sponsored content outside LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched Audience Network that allows marketers to reach out to audiences beyond the LinkedIn newsfeed. The Linkedin Audience Network has been under testing for months with more than 6000 LinkedIn advertisers participating.


The LinkedIn Audience Network is a native advertising network that lets you reach even more professionals with your ads by placing your sponsored content on high-quality, third-party publishers across mobile and desktop. It will also allow marketers to download performance reports that include clicks, impressions, and engagement that their ads get specifically through the network. This will allow them to compare their network performance to their on site performance.

The network targets LinkedIn members who have recently logged in to their account. They may then start seeing sponsored content on subsequent websites and mobile apps they visit. “The LinkedIn Audience Network is designed to increase your marketing footprint beyond the LinkedIn platform so you can extend your campaign’s reach, deliver on your budget more easily, and get your content in front of the right people, wherever they are,” said LinkedIn product manager Divye Raj Khilnani.

Given that companies like Facebook and Google have been offering audience networks for years, the LinkedIn Audience Network could be a welcome addition which could boost LinkedIn's business.