LinkedIn to launch Talent Insights, a new analytics tool for recruiters

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Microsoft owned LinkedIn has announced that it will launch Talent Insights next year, a new tool that gives you direct access to rich data on talent pools and companies. The new tool will provide a visual interface enabling users to access the breakdown of different worker segments. The service displays high-level statistics such as the number of hires in a given period alongside more detailed information such as what are the best emerging cities for engineers, are they losing critical skills to other companies and more.

Talent Insights will initially come with two views, namely Talent Pool and Company Report. The Talent Pool precisely defines and understands the specific population of talent you are interested in. Within a few clicks, you will be able to understand what you need to know to recruit and hire for the hard to fill roles.

Talent Pool report will answer these questions-

a) Where does this talent live, and what companies and industries do this talent work in?

b) How difficult is it to hire the talent you’re looking for?

c) What schools are producing this talent?

d) How is this talent engaging with your company on LinkedIn?

The Talent Pool Reports LinkedIn

The Company Report takes your strategy further to understand your talent at the company level so that you can see how well you are doing in attracting and retaining talent and developing branding and recruiting strategies to get even better.

Company Report will answer these questions-

a) How a company’s workforce is distributed by function and geography?

b) Where a company is gaining talent from and losing talent to?

c) Which skills at a company are growing the fastest?

d) What schools is a company hiring talent from?

e) Tips for recruiting strategies based on this information.

The Company ReportsLinkedIn

Talent Insights will be a paid product for the professional network, but its pricing is yet to be determined. Offering more insights beyond the job ads is a good way of trying to keep the competition away, as recently Facebook teamed up with ZipRecruiter for building its own job listing business.

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