LG G5 comes with a VR and Robot ball

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LG unveiled its new product G5 in World Mobile Congress (MWC), Barcelona, Spain. LG G5 is the new flagship of the smartphone consisting of customizable modules.


LG has also launched a robot ball which is basically a bowling ball size remote control robot. So, next time you have a bowling ball tooting around in the house it is empowered with 8-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. The robot is controlled by an app which is only available on LG G5.

LG, the first one to present, has showcased the new phone alongside a virtual reality headset and robot at MWC. The accessories of LG G5 like VR headset and 360 degree spherical camera, launched a day before the event, are called as “LG friends”.

After the declined sales for years, LG has kept high hopes with G5. The phone runs on latest Google android operating system, Marshmallow. The G5 is featuring a 5.3-inch screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, along with an add-on “Notifications” feature, which will be displayed on the screen without draining the battery.

There is 4GB of RAM and inbuilt 32 GB storage while the external storage can be up to 2TB. Removable 2800 Battery, Snapdragon 820 processor, Dual camera – 16 MP (78-degree wide) and 8 MP (135-degree wide) and video recordable up to 4K, are among the top features of LG G5.LG has already outperformed its biggest rival Samsung, by being the first company to present its smartphone at World Mobile Congress. Samsung is likely to launch its latest model J7 by today.

Though, the global launch of G5 is expected in a price bracket of $550+. As of yet, no announcement has been made by LG regarding the official price.

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