Less sex, more music declares YouTube

CIOL Bureau
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BANGALORE, INDIA: Video sharing site YouTube, owned by Google, is finally going for an image makeover with a strong stand against pornography and sexually suggestive video clippings.


The revised guidelines seems to be an effort on the part of the video sharing site to curtail sexually explicit content that is aplenty in the site.

According to the new guideline, ‘sexually suggestive’ content will include any videos showing people in "minimal or revealing clothing".

Most nudity is not allowed, particularly if it is in a sexual context. Generally if a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube, said a statement in the site.


It says that "exposed or partially covered genitalia, buttocks, or breasts, as well as sheer clothing" also constitute nudity.

"Videos featuring sexually explicit content like real sex acts are not allowed. Other content like nudity and dramatized or implied sexual conduct may be considered sexually suggestive depending on whether or not it is intended or designed to arouse viewers," the information on revised standards says.

Videos containing children should never be sexually suggestive or violent. Please be cautious when posting something involving a child, the guideline warns.


However, there are exceptions too for some educational, documentary and scientific content, but only if that is the sole purpose of the video and it is not gratuitously graphic. For example, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the documentary might not be, it said.

YouTube also said only adults will be able to view ‘titillating’ content. Moreover, under the new code, ‘sexually suggestive’ contents will be flagged as age-restricted.

This week YouTube had also announced a classical music contest and invited entries from all over the world.

Do you have any suggestion to help make the cyberspace less ‘sexually explicit’ and free of pornography?