Learning English gets easier with this mobile app!

EnglishLeap English learning app enables a user to improve his/her English in a fun and interactive manner

Soma Tah
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BANGALORE, INDIA: To allow the flexibility of learning anywhere, anytime, online English learning courses provider, Leap Learning Solutions, has extended its offering to the mobile platform through EnglishLeap Android app.


The app enables a user to improve his/her English in a fun and interactive manner, with the initial learning engagement across a range of vernacular languages in India. The focus is on grammar, reading and audio comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciations following the well-established European CEFR framework for language learning.

Indy Sarker, Chairman, Leap Learning Solutions - said, “Our ability to marry technology and innovation in delivering English language learning at no cost to the end user is likely to redefine the learning landscape in India.”

Each user has the ability to choose from a list of 10 vernacular Indian languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Oriya - in order to build initial familiarity and comfort levels, before progressing to more advance modules, under the tier-learning structure within the app.

The application also allows a user to participate and challenge friends or fellow app users, in real-time, in a quiz format within the app, thereby enabling them to learn as they play and play while they learn.

“We believe that for mobile learning to be effective, it must be fun as opposed to it being a chore. Our app helps learners improve their English language skills in a fun and engaging manner while our in-built intelligence within the App adapts to the learner’s proficiency to aid learning” said Saurabh Chopra, MD of Leap Learning Solutions.

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