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BANGALORE, INDIA: Millions of Internet forms gets filled by users every day on Captcha tool.


According to Luis Von Ahn of 200 million entries are made out every day online. On an average a user spends 5-10 seconds of his or her time typing in this random characters to confirm that its humans entering these forms and not robots.

This, if multiplied by 200 million form fills is a huge amount of total time spent by users. Ahn and his team went about thinking on how they could get better value from the users who is spending this time to get more value out of this time - for a more productive engagement.

The team came up with a novel idea of collaboration.


Get people to translate content into other languages. The motivation, for users to do this ; the user get to learn a language without having to pay, free.

And there is no catch, well there are no ads, no subscriptions, no fees, but you will need to spend time online on  But you would do that anyway, if you want to learn a new language and also end up paying for it..

This is worth checking out, currently the beta version of the website offers translation of languages in Spanish and German and the developers behind the project plans to add French, Italian and Chinese language shortly.


You can sign up for free learning and translating books by using real content creation.

The model for the site owners is to earn money from content producers who wants to translate their content into various languages.

A truly ubiquitous world where value addition and motivation of the user results in several million people working for free and yet learning a new language for which they would anyway have to spend the time.