Leading service provider completes energy audits of data centres

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BANGALORE, INDIA: As part of the Green IT project, Adventity BPO India Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of fully publive-imageintegrated strategic KPO and BPO services to a diverse global business community has completed energy audits of all its data centers and also made changes to reduce the carbon footprint. In a interview with Manu Sharma, Associate Editor at CIOL, Rajendra Sawant, CIO of Adventity talks about switching off any servers when it is not required and also on how hard it is to get the right IT manpower in an organization.

CIOL: What are the major challenges faced by you in your organization?

Rajendra Sawant:
Some of the major challenges we face in our organization include:

a. Getting the right manpower

b. Unrealistic expectations from IT

c. To convince top level management about importance of IT

CIOL: Does your organization link IT budget with the company's performance or growth? If yes please elaborate?

No, our organization does not link IT budget with the company's performance or growth


CIOL: Can you cite any specific areas where IT has come up as an accomplishment in your stint?

One of our major accomplishments has been that we converted most of the IT Infrastructure projects from Capex into Opex. The other include major cost reduction on almost all aspects of IT Infrastructure and also creating a Wi-Fi and Mobile savvy IT climate.

CIOL: Going forward, what are the challenges that you foresee?

Going forward the challenges we forsee include:

a. Retaining good talent pool 

b. Protect IT investments

c. To delivery more for less cost

CIOL: How far have you come as regards to adopting 'Green IT technologies'?

We have done an energy audit of all our data centers and made changes to reduce carbon footprint. We also switch off any servers when it is not required.


CIOL: What has been the hike in the IT budget for the new fiscal year? What has been the growth rate over last year?

IT budget has increased by almost 100 percent and same has happened over last year. 

CIOL: Name the top 5 items that you expect to spent on this fiscal year?

 a. Storage solution 

       b. Server virtualization 

       c. MPLS 

       d. Voice solution upgrade 

CIOL:  Do you feel the amount allocated for IT is sufficient if yes why? If not why not? How much should you be spending?

We have sufficient allocation for IT. Currently IT being integral part of our service offerings, IT budget allocation gets priority.

CIOL: How big is the IT staff in your organization?

The current strength of IT in our organization is over 150 employees.