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Quotes from industry leaders on the future of Touch Screen Mobile phones


HTC: User friendliness will be the key


 “We plan to continue introducing newer features in our touchscreen devices to ensure a more engaging, interactive device experience for our customers. Gesture recognition, durability and robustness of the screens and lower power consumption are some of the other innovations being incorporated in such devices.” - Ajay Sharma, Country Head, HTC India  


LG: 3D user interface to enhances the experience

 publive-image“LG has brought many new innovations to touchscreen technology. The company will launch models with S Class 3D User interface which enhances the engagement between the device and the user.” -  Anil Arora, Business Group Marketing Head, Mobile Communication, LG Electronics Pvt Ltd

Nokia: Building a new portfolio publive-image“To enhance the experience of the device, Nokia is building a portfolio of touch-enabled applications with third-party developers. There will be a portfolio of touch applications across categories like gaming, music and imaging.” - Poonam Kaul, Head Communications, Nokia India

Motorola : This is only the beginning

“Touch is an important part of our lives and this technology promises to transform one’s life, making it increasingly easier. The technological innovation of the screen will aid users' interaction with other mobile phones. We believe that this is the only the beginning.” - Faisal Siddiqui, Head of India Operations, Motorola Mobile Devices.