Kingmax unveils USB flash drive for India market

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Kingmax recently launched two valuable products—BJ01 and Super Stick mini, which are specially for Indian market, in an attempt to attract local customers by economic and highly quality features.


The BJ01 comes in an eye-catching blue color, high-speed data transfer rate and cost-performance value, and is also extremely convenient device that plugs directly into the USB port of any desktop, or notebook computer, so it can be used to easily transfer e-work for students or busy office workers.

“In 2009, Kingmax will put more emphasis on Indian market, because of the economic booming in the area.” stated, Lawrence Chang, President of Kingmax. “We will constantly unveil series of high quality and high performance products and hold more promotional activities with local agents to let more customers understand Kingmax's brand and popularize products deeply into market.”

In response to Kingmax’s ambition on Indian market, Super Stick Mini Black edition is specially rolled out as the advanced version for this particular market. By using the patent PIP technology, the unique packaging technology makes Super Stick mini not only smaller in size and greater in content, but with the feature of waterproof, dust resistance and High/Low temperature tolerance (above 100ºC~-40ºC) without any tolerance of quality and data transfer rate.

For Super Stick Mini Black latest launch, Kingmax’s product design team especially revealed the different colors that represent different characteristic to fit local preferences, such as “elegant pure white” in America, Europe and Japan; “joyful red” for Chinese bull year and “stylish black” in India. In western culture, black states stylish, elegant and powerful, with Super Stick Mini’s simplified design and golden marks, these make it more stylish and attractive to younger elite. The Super stick mini black is available in 2GB capacities and will unveil more capacities based on customers’ request.