Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

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Keep innovating and think differently from your competitors,” begins Murali Bukkapatnam, CEO, GetDomestic Help. He explained about the various molds, procedures and structures of successful digital technology transformation.

Breaking traditional molds- How digitally led organization operate,

Digital economy- As technology demolishes the barriers of entry, organizations need to create an endless flow of new competitors and distribution options.

“Strategy and not technology drives digital transformation, which is also the Key driver in digital arena,” explains Bukkapatnam. Companies that avoid risk-taking are likely to lose talent and business.

“Every element of business is getting change and impacted by digital transformation. You have to make technology as the epi-center of what you are going to sell,” added Bukkapatnam.

Need to have a start-up minded attitude

To succeed management team need to move beyond vague statements of intent and focus on hard wiring digital into their organization’s structure, process, system and incentives and everything has to be embedded. “Your competition is within you and now it is a time to create digitally transformed business,” says Bukkapatnam.  There is also a huge struggle for start-up. Companies are going to compete in a space where everyone is in the same plate and then they must know how to move properly from there. This is one of the most important facet of digital/technology transformation.

Be unreasonably aspirational

Acquire new capabilities

Buy scarce talent. The best people in digital product management may not work in your industry. Hire them anyway.

Challenge everything

Don’t accept historical norms, question the status quo to create a plan covering every function, product business, unit and location.

Be quick and data driven

Continually evolved our value proposition, embrace live testing, create a data base view of each customer.

Follow the money

Create a zero-based tech budget aligned with value at stake, invest across the value chain, scale success rapidly.

Be obsessed with the Customer

Learn from every interaction. A healthy obsession with improving the customer experience is the foundation of any digital transformation. No enterprise is perfect, but leaders have to fix the every errors and listen to the employee proposition. Leaders of successful digital business know it’s not that easy to build a product and therefore they must have the customer-centric approach.

Discovery Workshop for Digital Enterprise

Help you discover your reality.

Digital technology is a theme of a deep broad and sustained research initiative. “It is about building a digital enterprise, enterprise digital tracker. Digital as enterprise priority is on the rise,” says KD Singh, Founder and CEO- CoesAge.

The digital journey

First experience with SMAC-by adopting on a piece-meal basis. Mostly, at the periphery these are low-hanging fruits and isolated initiatives. The exuberance is very high.

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