KEMET intros first-to-market capacitance values

New Update

GREENVILLE, USA: KEMET Corp., a leading global supplier of electronic components, announced the expansion of its High Voltage Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic capacitor portfolio.


KEMET has successfully developed several new part types with industry-leading and first-to-market capacitance values that offer both high voltage capability and the stability and performance of C0G dielectric. Capacitance offerings are now more than four times greater in devices with voltage ratings of 500 VDC-3,000 VDC in EIA 0805-2225 case sizes.

These increased CV values offer optimization and downsizing opportunities, and are also an excellent replacement choice to other dielectric technologies that are not environmentally green or robust enough to withstand Pb-free surface mount processing.

"KEMET's High-Voltage C0G capacitors exhibit high insulation resistance, high breakdown strengths, low loss and low ESR at high frequencies for use as snubbers or filters in applications such as switching power supplies and lighting ballasts," said John Powers, KEMET VP, Ceramic Products. "Exceptional performance and reliability makes these High Voltage MLCCs the preferred dielectric choice of design engineers worldwide."