Kaspersky's Small Office Security to cater the needs of small businesses

Kaspersky Lab has announced its latest edition of the Kaspersky Small Office Security.

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Kaspersky Lab has announced its latest edition of the Kaspersky Small Office Security. The company’s security solution is built specifically for businesses with fewer than 25 employees.


Kaspersky Small Office Security was designed specifically to serve the needs of very small businesses. It brings the power of anti-malware and online transactions protection, cloud management, backup and password management, in an easy-to-use manner that is demanded by this segment.

“Running a small business can be very exciting and fun, but being small doesn’t mean being less noticeable by cybercriminals. It’s very important for businesses to pay more attention to ensuring their cybersecurity, and Kaspersky Small Office Security has made it easy. It’s straightforward to install, simple to configure, and easy to maintain, so that business owners can get on with doing what they do best: making the company a success,” Konstantin Voronkov, Head of Endpoint Product Management, Kaspersky Lab.

“Small Businesses have been a big revenue contributor to the South Asian countries and they are growing at a tremendous pace. Kaspersky Small Office Security has been a preferred solution for the Small Businesses; the new version of the product brings in more advanced capabilities to handle all the IT Security concerns without compromising on the ease of usability.”, Altaf Halde, Managing Director- South Asia, Kaspersky Lab.


The latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security includes several brand new and improved features, such as:

Enhanced protection from all known, unknown and advanced threats – with multi-layered, enterprise-quality protection for Windows and Mac computers, servers and Android-based mobile devices.

A new cloud-based management console – that lets business owners or their IT advisers easily manage IT security and devices from anywhere, using web browser.


New cloud-based password management – that stores critical company login details and enables users to have a different, unique password for every secure site, across all devices, while only needing to remember one master-password.

Security for financial data – that protects online business and personal transactions from financial fraud. This includes improvements to the award-winning ‘Safe Money’ module.

Kaspersky Small Office Security protects Windows-based (Windows XP through Windows 8.1) or Mac-based desktops/notebooks, Windows file servers, and Android smartphones and tablets. Each user/employee gets protection for one Windows or Mac computer and one mobile device plus Kaspersky Password Manager. File Server protection is added based on the number of protected users. Kaspersky Small Office Security is sold in preset license packages up to 25 employees.

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