JEE Mains 2020: A simple guide to ace Chemistry, the least problematic of the triplets

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The JEE 2020 Mains exam will be conducted from July 19 to July 23, 2020. We still don’t have any clarification on the exam postponement, so if you have not already decided, you are giving the exams. So, we have about a month before the D-day falls upon us and here is how you can score in Chemistry in JEE Mains 2020!

1. Sources to study from

Chemistry is the least problematic of all three subjects, so the offline course material will be NCERT Chemistry for 11th and 12th, OP Tandon and RC Mukherjee. If you want to study more from YouTube or online sources, IITan Explains is by far the best YouTube channel for Chemistry. Apart from that, Unacademy JEE has some insightful lessons too.

For Chemistry, you will have to turn to rote learning. That is, you have to mug up formulae, learn the periodic table and the chemical bindings.

2. Important topics

The important topics of JEE Mains 2020 Chemistry exam are:

  • Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure
  • Hybridization and Shapes (Xenon Fluorides, Interhalogen Compounds)
  • Molecular Orbital Theory (Examples of Nitrogen & Oxygen)
  • Valence Bond Theory (VBT), Iron & Nickel (Structure & Hybridization)
  • Electrochemistry: Nernst Equation
  • Basics of Organic Chemistry, Principles & Techniques

Keep yourself focused on SN1 & SN2 Reactions, E1 & E2 Reactions, Aldol Condensation, Cannizzaro Reaction, Carbylamine Reaction, Reimer-Tiemann Reaction. Just keep in mind that you cannot choose to miss anything from the NCERT textbooks.

Inorganic Chemistry is the biggest time-saver and marks scorer, so take that up first. Revise hard topics, then move to easy. Go through the periodic table. And for organic chemistry, build up all basic concepts and then practice questions from mock tests or question banks. For physical chemistry, practice as many numerical as you can and remember all important formulae.

3. Schedule and Mock Tests

Like I have mentioned before, do not miss your daily mock tests now that exams are less than a month away. Tip: Revise chemistry only from the notes that you have made, then take mock tests and work on your weak points. Set up a schedule and always work according to it. If you can’t find enough mock tests, log onto the National Abhyas Test App. They provide one test everyday.

4. Important tips for Chemistry revising

Solve questions based on the stability of intermediates and acidity-basicity order of organic compounds. Understand the application of electronic effects (Inductive, hyperconjugation and resonance effect).

Move onto hydrocarbon and learn everything about reactions like elimination, hydration, hydroxylation and ozonolysis. These reactions cover a lot of part of organic chemistry. Lastly, prepare a small guide of about 5 pages for GOC (General Organic Chemistry) and hydrocarbons.

For more subject-wise guides click here.

(Disclaimer: This is an authored article and only suggests ways you can improve your position to secure a decent rank in JEE Mains 2020. The views expressed are the author are personal and does not necessarily reflect the official policy of CIOL.)

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