Jalandhar theft case gets murky

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JALANDHAR, INDIA: The police have caught hold of the burglar who robbed the showroom of Jalandhar-based Computer Associate.


However, in a strange twist of events, the accused has confessed to committing the crime but claims he had only stolen three laptops, whereas Saurav Walia, Proprietor, Computer Associate had registered a complaint of eight missing laptops.

When enquired with Walia about the number of laptops stolen from the store, he said, “Eight laptops went missing from my showroom, which amounts to around Rs 12 lakh, but the accused has admitted to stealing only three laptops. The remaining five laptops are still missing.”

An ICICI Bank cheque was also missing from the showroom.

The police nabbed the accused while he was depositing the cheque.

Replying to the query of whether the thief had attacked the showroom on his own Walia said, “The thief has admitted to having done the act single handedly but there is a possibility of the involvement of a bigger gang with him.”

However, according to people operating in the IT market of Jalandhar, only three laptops were actually stolen from Computer Associate, and it is only to get insurance of a large amount of money that Walia has deliberately registered a loss of Rs 12 lakh to the police.