Jaguar Land Rover Incubator has two new joinees- LISNR and PILOT

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Jaguar Land Rover has introduced two new startups in its Portland Tech Incubator: LISNR and PILOT Automotive labs. LISNR makes use of ultrasonic audio to transmit data- it transmits and receives sounds we can't hear, while PILOT promises to keep any car autonomous.


LISNR uses ultrasonic sound to transmit data. Any two devices, for example, a car or a pedestrian with an enabled smartphone, can send and receive messages once they are in the range of each other. All the device need is a microphone or a speaker, depending on whether one is sending or receiving messages.

CIOL Jaguar Land Rover Incubator acquires LISNR and PILOT

LISNR is being used in non-automotive applications, like the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. The company was part of the inaugural Automobili-D start up Expo in Detroit.

PILOT promises to make any automobile self-reliant. A sensor plug-in is put on your automobile's roof to take in data. You can then use that data to improve your driving or connect it to driving and braking systems to let it take over some simple driving tasks.

PILOT brings one of the crucial current driver help methods(ADAS)to any automobile, like highway sign popularity, keep lane, blind spot monitoring. So using the term"autonomous" could be a bit untimely. However, it's a step towards bringing life-saving collision mitigation technology to the cars already on the road.