Jadavpur University to start analytics & research program

Genpact Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of India’s premier universities, Jadavpur University

Sanghamitra Kar
New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Genpact Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of India’s premier universities, Jadavpur University.


With this MoU, the two organizations have agreed to work together to develop an Analytics & Research program as part of the Masters in Economics stream run by the University.

This proprietary program will leverage Genpact’s suite of analytics solutions serving multiple banks globally and helps students gain experience on tools, business applications and the latest industry trends and expectations.

The program will provide direct exposure to risk management and financial services analytics applications to students, which will be imparted through guest lectures and workshops conducted by Genpact’s subject matter experts and/or training partners.


The course aims to provide both theoretical and practical experience in analytics as applied in different industries. Upon successful completion of the program, students will become eligible for employment in the Risk Analytics practice at Genpact.

To keep up with the extremely dynamic and competitive business environment and to address the talent gap in the industry, Genpact has established the ‘Risk Academy’ to hire, train, develop, and manage talent.

A combination of complex and ever-increasing regulations and an increasing cost of hiring experts are impacting Banking and Financial industry worldwide resulting in the surge in demand for risk analysts with specialized skills in data management, statistical analysis and risk management.

Amit Bhaskar, VP and Head, Financial Services Analytics at Genpact said, “The idea is to help young professionals build a deeper appreciation of analytical tools and their application in an increasingly data-driven and technologically-connected world. Apart from making the brightest minds job-ready, we also look forward to the Jadavpur University partnership to drive more innovation and value-add to the industry.”

Dr. Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor, Jadavpur University said, “There is a need for coordination between the industry and academia for bolstering research and innovation. Jadavpur University has an lndustry-lnstitute Partnership Cell which has provided a platform for interaction between industry and academia."

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