IT placements, courtesy Mancer

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NEW DELHI: Mancer Consulting Services, the Indian arm of the US-based Mancer

Consulting, plans to start operations in India in a big way. The company, which

is essentially into providing placement services for the IT and telecom sectors,

will hold placement fairs across the country which would bring potential job

seekers and employers under one roof. "The aim is to facilitate the process

for both the client and professionals," says Mancer Consulting president

Amandeep Narula.


The company believes that the time is just right to step up its operations in

India as IT manpower requirements in the country are booming. According to

Nasscom, India needs 140,000 IT professionals between 2000 and 2001–60,000 in

2000 and 80,000 in 2001.

The execution plan will see the company holding 24 fairs within a year’s

time in six major cities of the country. Starting from August, the first fair

will be held in Delhi and thereafter in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The company hopes to garner Rs 5 crore from the Placement Fair during the first

year. A sum of Rs 1.8 crore has been kept aside for promoting the fairs.

Essentially targeted at middle-level executives, the ideal candidate for the

company would be an IT or telecom professional with 2-6 years of experience. The

company’s list of clients also includes non-IT or telecom companies who need

IT professionals to man their in-house requirements. Along with clients like HCL

Perot and Systems America, Mancer also caters to the needs of, say, a Ranbaxy or

a Hero Corporate Services, who has only just made a foray into the IT sector.

Mancer also plans to launch a portal soon where it would post the resumes of

professionals, and client information, without including their personal details.

"It is to ensure the confidentiality of both the parties," clarifies

Narula. The company expects a database of 70,000 resumes in a year’s time,

which its clients can access.

As of now, the only revenue model for the company is through selling space at

the Placement Fairs.