IT & ITES to see 60,000 new jobs a month

CIOL Bureau
New Update

NEW DELHI: The IT and ITES sector in India witnessed a 13 percent growth in employment numbers over the last quarter. Apart from this the Ma Foi employment survey conducted by Ma Foi management consultants also predicts the creation of some 60,000 new jobs each month in the current quarter in the IT and related sectors.


According to Ma Foi CEO and MD, K Pandia Rajan, IT and ITES, Export & Import, Healthcare, Auto & Auto ancillaries, Pharma and Education, Training and Consulting are amongst the top 10 hiring sectors for the current quarter.

The Ma Foi Employment Index (MEI) for the current quarter is 3.19. "The net hiring confidence level for the current quarter is 84 percent. The product National hiring confidence index (NHC) level is 70 percent whereas services NHC level is 89 percent. The net hiring confidence level by segment according to the survey, constitutes health care which is 100 percent and IT & ITES which constitutes 98 percent," added Rajan.

He added that special focus was laid on attrition trends and retention techniques in the survey. According to the survey, the reasons of increased rate of attrition were compensation and benefits. This constituted 29.68 percent, career growth was 26.91 percent, job was 25.57 percent, organization factors was 14.77 percent and personal factors were 3.06 percent. Employee recognition and rewards were more popular in IT sectors.

The survey is a quarterly study on Indian employment trends and opportunities and is the largest, comprehensive study to understand the employment trends in the organized sector in the Indian subcontinent.