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 INDIA: What are the major technology investments at your enterprise?

CRM for Doctors call reporting. Nearly 800 sales people across the country use this application to make entries of their doctors visit, gift distributions, distributor inventory status etc. Implementation of ERP is in the evaluation stage now.

Any overhauls of significant scale or value at your enterprise?


Still waiting for an overhaul. IT  is still considered to be a cost centre. The traversing path to become strategic is yet to happen.

What's your strategy for the coming future?

Data Integration through ERP & BI for transparency in processes.


Any aeas of interest from recent tech-breakthroughs?

Campus wide  Wi-Fi  network. Enterprise wide connectivity.

Advice to peers in terms of lessons, mistakes or challenges you experienced over past few years?


Lot of  learnings from technology deployment in the organization.Inter departmental and personal communication is the key to effective Implementation.

How is IT changing is as a competitive differentiator or a business value centre at your organization - How?

Long way to go. I perceive it as that but lot of time it will take for other stakeholders to realize.


Anything else you feel worth sharing with us?

Lot of  learning and knowledge sharing in previous CChange events. Brought confidence in meeting with peers of different verticals and organizations. Attended many events of different organisers but C-Change has been an edge in every angle. Please do keep it up.