IT consumerism makes security critical

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MUMBAI, INDIA: With convergence and mobility making even consumers use a host of computing devices in daily life, security of IT infrastructure has become critical to enterprises providing products and services, a senior executive of global security solutions provider Symantec Corporation Thursday said here.


Symantec Worldwide sales executive Bill Robbins said, "As internet, mobility and social networking drive the increasing use of computing devices by consumers, securing their information, data and privacy has become a major challenge to enterprises,"

In a keynote address at the annual 'Symantec Vision 2010' conference, Robbins said that today's  consumers are smart to use any device they choose, be it a PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. for professional and personal use.

Symantec vision was to help consumers in using technology in such a way that they don't have to depend on a system administrator to manage their IT systems at home or office, he added

"The IT-isation of consumer is resulting in use of more and more technology in homes than in offices. Mobility is enabling consumers to stay connected digitally and operate in a virtual world,   with the advent of social enterprise, communicating by e-mail has become inefficient as evident from the sheer volume of mails users get, Robbins noted.