IoT: Will it be Future Driven or Drive the Future?

Internet of Things a.k.a IoT: is it going to be the Future Driven or will it be Driving the Future? Well, the answer is vice-versa! Opines

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IoT - Will be Future Driven or Driving the Future

A day in the life of an IoT user


Let me start with a story about the Internet of Things aka IoT. The technology is definitely being so very acceptable by the individuals, communities and businesses alike! Likewise, the device cognitive environments are sprucing up the demand for it.

So, the little story goes like this: McBon is from Germany, a passionate marketing student who is here in India for a research project to understand the technology penetration, and how it is impacting the country to progress. He is already aware of IoT as a concept and is now keener to observe its application and acceptability here in India. So, he roamed around various cities. And found a lot many things like wearables, lighting systems and various humanoid gadgets literally driving the way people are leading life nowadays. Things like the alarm which automatically snoozes for 5 minutes.., the car melts the ice that accumulated overnight, and the coffee maker is made ready to make coffee after 5 minutes!

Thanks to IoT!


In simpler terms, the internet and the device-led interventions are helping virtual connectivity and interactions between technology and human made devices to make life easier faster and more empowering. Just ‘Clap’ and it’s done. ‘Touch’ gently, and it’s sorted! Voila! That’s the kind of perception IoT garnered, which is indeed a good news!

Nothing is as good as Internet of Things

Data is the clear depiction of how Internet of Things is growing in popularity while changing the landscape of the world. In 1992, only 1,00,000 people were using IoT as a technology. Till 2003, the number grew to half a billion people. While 2009 marked the IoT inception, 2012 witnessed a sudden increase in the usage of IoT where the people using IoT reached 8.7 billion, and there was no looking back. The number of users has been growing exponentially over the years reaching 28.4 billion in 2017. It is expected that the number will broaden to 50.1 billion by 2020.


The Power of IoT: Ecosystem Decoded!

Pour a cup of coffee for yourself, as I am going to take you through the ultimate technical jargon. It’s like a mini listicle within this article for your quickie reference, as and when you need it! Sip it, as you read it!

5 things to know before you know IoT actually!


• The IoT Ecosystem comprises of processors (Arm Cortex-M, Arc, and Quark etc.)

• Operating systems (uCLinux, Embedded Linux, Android Auto, Ubuntu, TinyOS.)

• Devices & aggregators (Access points, routers, ZETA platforms etc.),

• Infrastructures (Cisco lox (fog)) & platforms (BeagleBone, Rasberry PI, Arduino etc.)

• It also consists of two essential members Interoperability & IoT Protocols.

What Drives IoT? : Datacentres are the lifeline of IoT

Datacentres are the epicenter of IoT process management, whilst a reliable network is the most essential element to run the IoT based applications. High-speed Internet is equally important as its performance the functionalities like the reliable transmission of data, quick delivery of sensor data, fetching details from sensors to a cloud and vice versa <12>. 4.5. IoT as a Future Technology IoT is an evolution in the multidisciplinary world. The Microcontrollers and Microprocessors, sensors and networking devices are some of the basic building blocks of the IoT and these are in widespread use today.


Hurdles are there only to jump them!

It’s not exactly how I would love to share the reasons behind, as this is just the evolution phase and while IoT penetration is still at its nascent stage, still a little mention can make you understand what are the hurdles to overcome when you

• Technological challenges

• Business challenges

• Societal problems


The Future of IoT

Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire

An overview of the IoT Market in 2015 and 2020 indicates a positive growth. IoT is expected to make over $19 trillion. The comparison of the percentage of total connected devices and the per cent of market revenue of several verticals like Healthcare, Transport & Automotive, Retail & Banking, and Industrial & Manufacturing etc. in 2015 and 2020 expected to grow manifold. The Healthcare, Commercial Buildings, Smart Homes and Transport & Automotive saw the surge in demand. Industrial & Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics and Retail & Banking are also seeing an upward trend.


IoT Driving Advent of Advertising & Marketing

Businesses are moving forward in the right direction at a faster pace. Internet of Things (IoT) cumulatively is helping businesses to tap on customer opportunities. In a more broader sense, it is playing a crucial role in unifying the big data to pave way for the targeted marketing and advertising initiatives. IoT is helping businesses the ways they reach them, and how they analyze and assess their consumer behaviours. IoT has also increased internet data consumption like never before. This scale-up in internet usage is igniting the IoT led device’s marketing and advertising.

A lot more is coming up, as this seems to be just the start of a big wave in the making! IoT is going to transform the way technology and consumerism will marry to make it look like a sunrise of something next level!

Are you ready?

By Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire

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