IoT - Transforming Facility Management

IoT (Internet of Things) is pronounced as one of the most prominent sectors today that witnesses rapt attention and owns ambitious developments

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IoT - Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is pronounced as one of the most prominent sectors today that witnesses rapt attention and owns ambitious developments rooting from both firms and individuals.


Aiming to reach a spiking growth of USD 15 Billion by 2020, accounting for closely 5% of the total market, IoT is a well-adapted solution by nearly 120 firms and is continually adding to their tremendous future growth.

Notably, not all companies are necessarily equipped with the skills and technologies needed to manage their facility services, even though they are well skilled with the unsurpassable use of their current tools. This scenario is also true for IT Companies where the core focus lies on delivering software solutions that are sadly not directed towards framework orchestration for better functional planning.

This is where IoT clears the dark and introduces its prowess in the system’s mainstream and impressively, an IT firm along with the non-IT firms also requires the professional aid of IoT to help it perform better and automate processes without drawing attention from its core businesses activities.


IoT is characterized by its skills and technicalities to the finest use of its progressive equipments. These tools are aimed at the following:

    • Minimizing human effort and enhance interactivity between two processes

    • Save time and costs

    • Efficiently utilize the resources and enhance data collection in a safe and secure manner which will ultimately impact the output in a framework.

    • Reduce asset maintenance costs

    • Better tailor customized services to individuals and groups

    • Forecast more accurately

    • Mitigate risk

    • Evaluate performance and make informed investment decisions

The Internet of Things is generating new possibilities for building integrations and allowing the evolution of intelligent buildings that are capable of running on their own with little supervision or human intervention. IoT makes this process an easily understandable map for automated buildings where analytics eases the supervision in understanding the knowhow of the technology being used at any framework.

An amalgamation of IoT and analytics can be defined as a large number of data points put together into a cloud environment where a certain combination of models can be executed to accelerate the outcome to the farthest possibilities of actual existence. This has lead to the speedy growth of facility management services as they are well sorted in combination with IoT. Hence the operational efficacy at frameworks have found a speedier, accurate and sure cure to well-managed systems and procedures and quick response to exigencies just when they rise.

By Gaurav Bhalla, Managing Director, Enviro – facilities management wing of Vatika Group

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