Iomega unveils two desktop, rackmount NAS models

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SAN DIEGO, USA: Iomega, an EMC company, announced the launch of two StorCenter PX server class series of network storage products.


The two new models, StorCenter px4-300d and StorCenter px6-300d, are desktop and rackmount NAS devices, which use server class drives.

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Designed with EMC storage technology, Iomega's new StorCenter PX Server Class Series incorporates a new version of EMC LifeLine software as well as 1TB, 2TB and 3TB server class SATA drives.


Jonathan Huberman, president, Iomega Corporation. "Designed using many of the same technologies as EMC's enterprise network storage products, the new PX Server Class Series is comprised of powerful business class NAS devices that offer increased reliability and continuous operation that comes with server class drives, as well as the option of using consumer drives. Either way, there are numerous new software features debuting with our new server class NAS series that benefit SMBs and would normally only be found with enterprise level network storage solutions."

The new line of Iomega NAS models include 'competitively priced' four-bay and six-bay desktop models that range from diskless to 18TB of network storage, and four-bay and 12-bay rackmount models that range from diskless to 36TB of network storage, says the company in a release.

EMC LifeLine software


All of the new Iomega PX Server Class Series products feature Intel processors and can support EMC LifeLine software features.

"As part of the EMC family, Iomega works closely with Intel to deliver network storage products for small installations and distributed enterprises," said David Tuhy, general manager of the Intel Storage Group. "Intel is excited that Iomega uses our broad portfolio, including Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, and Intel Core2 Duo, to meet the range of its customer needs."

EMC LifeLine software features:

Configuration Backup and Restore

Scheduled Power


Encrypted Volume

Smart Hard Drive Monitor

Partner Application Download

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

Iomega Personal Cloud technology

EMC Atmos


LifeLine Native Video Surveillance Enhancements - In addition to support for Axis® and Panasonic IP cameras, StorCenter PX Server Class Series models now support configurable resolution settings and parameters for Bosch IP cameras. It can optional solid state drives, and features dual core Intel processors, and up to four GbE NICs and 4GB memory.

Multiple RAID levels - 0, 1, 10, 5, 5+1 (hot spare) and 6, all with automatic RAID rebuild and hot swap functionality.

Server Class Pedigree: Certified for VMware vSphere 5.0, Citrix XenServer, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2.



Iomega's StorCenter NAS Features

Iomega's StorCenter network storage family offers three flexible video surveillance storage and management solutions.

Surveillance Storage Target

Integrated Video Management Systems

Iomega Hosted Video Surveillance Solutions


Iomega StorCenter px4-300d server class series consists of four HDD bays and up to 12TB of storage, whereas, StorCenter px6-300d server class series is outfitted with six HDD bays and up to 18TB of storage capacity. Both models are available diskless, partially populated and fully populated.

Empty bays in both models are fitted with a drive carrier that can accommodate 2.5-inch and 3.5 inch HDD drives, as well as SSD drives for performance-intensive applications.

With up to 12TB of storage capacity, the Iomega StorCenter px4-300r Network Storage Array Server Class Series features four bays for use with HDDs or SSDs. The px4-300r comes in a space-saving 1U form factor ranging from diskless to fully populated with HDD and/or SSD drives.


Iomega's rackmount unit, the Iomega StorCenter px12-350r Network Storage Array Server Class Series, utilizes 12 bays in a 2U form factor that ranges from partially populated with 4TB to fully populated with up to 36TB.


The new Iomega StorCenter PX Server Class Series of network storage devices is now available worldwide.

The desktop Iomega StorCenter px4-300d Network Storage Server Class Series starts at $699.99, the desktop Iomega StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage Server Class Series starts at $899.99, the rackmount Iomega StorCenter px4-300r Network Storage Array Server Class Series starts at $1,699.99, and the rackmount Iomega StorCenter px12-350r Network Storage Array Server Class Series starts at $4,999.99.